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A core element of IN TRANSIT 2003 will be extensive productions by renowned artists - for the most part commissioned works that will be premiered at the House of World Cultures. Like last year, the pieces reflect the politicization of performance, the ties between individual lives and art. A particular focus is placed on New York, not as a foil or background to the productions, but as a symbolic as well as a real place that accommodates biographies which lead to intercultural and interdisciplinary art - New York as a place where the "other" is welcome.

Koffi Kôkô + Company (Benin / Paris), Les feuilles qui resistent au vent | Ong Keng Sen, Theatre Works (Singapore) The Global Soul - The Buddha Project | Island Diva's (Auckland / Samoa) Diva Siva | Ping Chong & Company (New York / Berlin), Undesirable Elements Berlin | Wen Hui & Wu Wenguang/Living Dance Studio (Beijing), Report on Giving Birth | Coco Fusco (New York), The Incredible Disappearing Woman | Ismael Ivo (Berlin), Mapplethorpe

An essential component of IN TRANSIT is the Laboratory - it is a locale of intercultural encounters, exchange and dialogue, open to a group of selected artists for a number of weeks. The focus is on exchanges of different creative strategies, concepts of performance, theatre, and dance, as well as the political and social positioning of the respective artist's work. These exchanges confront traditional, classical forms, ritual practices, and contemporary developments. The Labcases - comprising showings, installations, performances, dialogues and discussions and "talkshows"- are open to the public.

Ralph Lemon (New York), André Lepecki (New York), Tanja Ostojic (Belgrade/ Düsseldorf), Junko Wada (Berlin), Walid Raad (Beirut/New York), Zoran Eric (Belgrade)

See André Lepecki's daily reports here >>

The IN TRANSIT-Club 2003 is concerned with Berlin, a city that is in constant movement and change, not only physically. Perhaps there is no better place than Berlin's club culture to investigate this phenomenon? Who are these imagined, nocturnal communities? And do they draw new boundaries with the light of dawn? DJ Ipek, one of the protagonists of the Berlin oriental music scene, develops her version of the Berlin club culture.

Banzai Kids feat. VJ Kazu | United Nubians feat. DJ Medy Soul | Tech Buka, Oriental Dance Night with DJs Ipek & Sedyst | Club Deewane with Djs Vijesh, S-One, Ipek | Femmes with Fatal Breaks & VJ Blueprint | Oriental Pop Rocks Aging Europe, DJ & VJ Sedyst and Branka | Computerjockeys, Appetizer DJ Le Crabb

The Dancing Camera
A new television format - inspired by IN TRANSIT

As part of the IN TRANSIT festival, ZDF German Television's digital theater channel, ZDF Theaterkanal, is developing a new format for dance film: internationally renowned choreographers and their companies meet prominent film directors. Choreography and cinematography combine to a single entity in this creative workshop of dance, film, and television, challenging directors to develop new aesthetic approaches with film, to Dance with the Camera. For the House of World Cultures, this dialogue between art and film is a further aspect of the ongoing encounters between German and international artists.

Koffi Kôkô's piece "Les feuilles qui resistent au vent" is the first step in this new series. The directors Rotraut Pape and Christoph Dreher finished shooting the piece in Benin at the beginning of April. The second dance film is to be made on "The Global Soul - The Buddha Project".

The programs will be broadcast by ARTE this autumn.

arte        Theaterkanal

Suddenly Inclusive

In the wake of IN TRANSIT 2002, three Berlin artists and filmmakers Veronika Gerhard, Tara Herbst and Jochen Heilek have developed videos.
They process their encounters with the participants of the festival and their performative approaches: with the principles of blaxploitation films from the 1970s, on the negotiation of different cultures between the poles of folklore and contemporary art production.

Curator: Anselm Franke

Kunst-Werke Berlin, Auguststraße 69
Until 31st of May, Tue-Sun, 12-6 pm | visit the website of Kunst-Werke Berlin >>>

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